Steve Boeddeker: Oscar Nominated Cousin

Albeit brief, I just wanted to congratulate my cousin, Steve Boeddeker, on his nomination for an Oscar by the Academy in the category of Sound Editing for the film All is Lost, starring Robert Redford, who was an integral part in getting Steve on board with the project due to their previous work on Redford’s 2012 film, The Company You Keep.

Having already won an Emmy last year and being nominated this year for a BAFTA Award in London to go along with his Academy Award nomination, Steve has molded himself into one of the premiere Sound Mixers in the industry. I couldn’t be more pumped for him! (As you can see from the image above- he still has that mischievous look that all of my aunts and uncles know all too well, ha!)

Steve has always been an inspiration to me as a creative, whether he knows it or not. From the first time I saw his name speed by on the big screen during the credits of MARS ATTACKS! back in 1996, I was in awe of him and the industry. I had no idea that there were so many creative people working behind the scenes of a feature film and that they were paid to do what they loved; namely create! He made me want to see my name on screen someday (which I successfully achieved for my work on Pauly~Tics in 2012). Knowing that my very own cousin was making a name for himself made me eager to follow his lead. If he could do it, surely I could too, right?

Being from a family that has an extensive bloodline of creativity flowing through it, it is inspiring to see that creativity getting world-wide recognition! Steve has quite the list of credits to his name and has worked on some amazing projects in the past. I can only wait in anticipation for what he creates next! Good luck at the Oscars, Steve! Keep in mind, I’ll be moving to LA in February and would make a great date! Ha. (More to follow soon about my upcoming move to LA!)

Great Family! Steve is the one with his son, Max, doing his best impression of his dad by shielding his eyes from his perch on Steve's shoulders. I am directly below those two in the mustache.

The Boeddeker & Keeven Family Surprise Bday Party for my aunt and Steve’s mom, Connie (center,green). Steve is the one with his son, Max, doing his best impression of his goofy and mischievous dad from atop his shoulders. I’m directly below those two in the mustache.

Rather than tell you about the work Steve has done on ‘All is Lost’, listen to Steve tell you…

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of All is Lost from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Here is a write up on Steve and All is Lost.


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