Free Festivus Cover Photos! It’s A Festivus Miracle!

Well, it is getting ever closer to December 23rd. Are you as excited as I am about celebrating Festivus?! The Airing of Grievances? Feats of Strength? The Festivus Pole?….YOU ARE!? (If you aren’t ready then go here to learn everything you’d want to know about Frank Costanza’s Festivus Tradition and its historical roots in Seinfeld and history

Go ahead and use one of these Festivus inspired cover photos I whipped up especially for you (unless you’re a scab for H & H Bagels…or a two-face….Yamma Hamma…) to use on your Facebook page!

Click on the one you like and when the next page loads right click on the Image to save it to your computer…then upload away on Facebook!

Feel free to pass this page’s link on to friends and family who also celebrate the Festivus for the rest of us!

Disclaimer: I would ask that you keep my twitter handle on the photos…if I find someone that erased it…well then you’ll be invited to my own Festivus Dinner and front and center for the Airing of Grievances!

PalumboFestivus2 PalumboFestivus1 PalumboFestivus3 PalumboFestivus4 PalumboFestivus5 PalumboFestivus7 PalumboFestivus6


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