52 Card(s) Pickup

Well what the in the hell was that all about!!!! Huh?…

This is basically a recreation of what I was like during that whole game…

Needless to say, my hangers didn’t stand a chance.



For Game 2, we turn to the 22 year old rookie and reigning NLCS MVP, Michael Wacha, to play a little 52 Card Pickup after that atrocious Game 1 performance (I can see the Deadspin headlines already). He is charged with getting the Series back to Busch tied at a game apiece. (Hopefully the title of this post made sense before now…come on genius, connect the dots…I’ll wait.)

You good? Ok. Thus far in the postseason he has been no laughing matter (Wacha Wacha Wacha), allowing zero runs in 132/3 innings to earn himself NLCS MVP honors against LA and took a no-hitter into the 8th in Game 4 vs. the Pirates in the NLDS. Needless to say, I feel comfortable leaning on Wacha at least one more time.

In light of my Fozzie Bear-esque post title, I will now give you a break from the emotional rollercoaster that is reading the internets and all the depressing Cardinals articles and beard references….(I know I wrote internets…)

So sit back and enjoy some good ole Statler and Waldorf insult clips and get your mind right for Game 2…#WachaFlackaFlame #WachaWachaWacha



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