PAULY~TICS & Working with The Weasel

While searching for freelance work that could help me get my foot in the door of the entertainment business, I came across an ad online that called for a, “Comedic Graphic Designer.”

Jackpot! I figured this job would surely be a blast for me. A perfect mix of both of my passions; comedy and art.  It was for a company called Landing Patch Productions, which I had never heard of.  As I read on I saw that the production company was indeed that of none other than… guessed it, Pauly Shore.  The Weasel himself!


One of the images I created for Pauly Shore’s Showtime special, PAULY~TICS.

To be honest I thought that it had to be a joke.  After reading the job description and that the work would be aired on Pauly’s primetime Showtime special, PAULY~TICS, I was definitely interested. This job could be my first IMDB credit.

After creating a couple of test photoshop images which were required for all applicants, I turned in my resume and application and the rest is history as someone somewhere apparently said once. I got the job.

Here are some of the  images that I created which accompanied some of Pauly’s standup act in the special.

Working for Pauly and his team was actually a fun, yet sometimes stressful experience.  I really got thrown into a fast paced environment that was compounded by the time zone differences of me beingin St. Louis, and them being in LA.  It was a real learning experience for me. Yet, when I would get phone calls from the Landing Patch office I always laughed to myself just imaging what I was about to hear on the other end.  The first time Pauly called me I was at work and couldn’t pick up, but the message was classic. Just Pauly being Pauly.  It sounded like I was listening to a scene out of Encino Man or Bio-Dome.

The next time we talked it was painfully hard for me to not slip in a couple of his movie lines seamlessly mid conversation.  I can only imagine how annoying that would be for him.  Nevertheless, I digress. With the mounting excitement of seeing my creations on TV and finally getting my first TV or movie credit, I got a call about a week or so before the special was to air.  I was informed that the jokes that I created photoshopped imagery for were staying in the film, but the image work and effects that I had worked on could not be shown for various reasons. Big time bummer.

Despite this setback, seeing my name appear at the bottom of the screen and rise to the heavens, only to disappear at TV’s edge, gave me a feeling of pride in myself that was reminiscent of how I felt seeing my cousin, Steve Boeddeker’s first credit for sound design on screen. Albeit a small victory, it is a new benchmark on my career’s journey.  My work for Pauly also helped me get more work elsewhere as well; including the World Famous Tony Clifton.


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