My Creative Process: From Sketch to Final

A lot of people wonder how designers get from an idea to final ad or design.  One thing that I am glad was drilled into me during my schooling was to always start out in a sketch book – no matter what the project.  So many of my peers are told the project/assignment/problem and go straight to the computer… I HATE THIS.  Even more so, I hate that it is assumed that I, being of this generation, also go straight to the computer.

That is why I decided to make a leave behind of a couple pieces of my work to show possible clients that I indeed am thinking through the problem, not just diving into it. Below is the piece I made, and its contents. Click on them to get a better look.


leavebehind1 leavebehind12 leavebehind13 leavebehind14 leavebehind15


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