All-Time Fictional Baseball Team

From its infancy in Cooperstown, NY to the fourth game of the 2012 World Series, baseball has always been a sport rife with ongoing debates and arguments. One question that will forever be argued about is who the best player at each position is.

In time, this debate has given birth to the All-Star game as we know it today and the All-Century Team. Both of which have been well documented. Every baseball fan has had this argument more often than not, so I’ve decided to give it a little twist. I have compiled an All-Time Fictional Baseball Team made of movie and TV baseball players.So, without further ado, I give you my 25 man roster.

Many will disagree with my team, but I am taking into account both talent and character. AKA talent and those players who would make for a fun team to watch on and off the field.

Starting Lineup

The Starting Lineup

The Starting Lineup

LF Willie Mays Hayes [Props on beating Hall & Oates in camp] (Major League)
SS Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (The Sandlot)
RF Roy Hobbs  [Despite not needing BP, he is there at 10am….Every day.] (The Natural)
DH Pedro Cerrano [Jobu included] (Major League)
CF Juan Primo [Despite being killed by DeNiro, Primo was an up and coming superstar] (The Fan)
1B Lou Collins (Little Big League)
C Crash Davis [Who doesn’t want to watch Crash yelling at Billy Chapel] (Bull Durham)
2B Marla Hooch (A League of Their Own)
3B Roger Dorn (Major League)
SP Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh (Bull Durham)

Pitching Staff

Pitching Staff

Pitching Staff

SP Billy Chapel (For Love of the Game)
SP Chet Steadman [The man enjoys the hell out of some airline Salisbury Steak] (Rookie of the Year)
SP Ryan Dunne [Solely because Jessica Biel will be at all of Dunne’s starts] (Summer Catch)
SP Henry Rowengartner (Rookie of the Year)
RP Jim Bowers [In case you need help with doing fractions wrong] (Little Big League)
RP Miles Pennfield [Imagine how awesome it would be to have everyone in the stadium singing Big Poppa as Miles enters the game and not Keanu Reeves] (Hard Ball)
RP Eddie Harris [Because you never know when you’ll need some Crisco Bardahl,   Vagisil, or Jalapeno] (Major League)
Closer:  Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Major League)




OF Isuro Tanaka [Can’t wait till he tells Doris she has no Marbles..] (Major League)
OF Bobby Rayburn (The Fan)
1B Jack Eliot [Mainly to interpret Tanaka] (Mr. Baseball)
UTIL Pablo Sanchez [I know he’s a video game character, but he drops bombs] (Backyard Baseball)
UTIL Doris Murphy (A League of Their Own)
C Dottie Hinson (A League of Their Own)

Bullpen Catcher: Rube Baker [Hes’ great at consoling teammates(Major League)

Coaching Staff

Coachign Staff

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: George Knox [J.P. and Roger are included with Knox in case they see Angels again – Hey, it could happen.] (Angels in the Outfield)
Bench Coach: Lou Brown (Major League)
Pitching Coach: Phil Brickma [Videos: Ohhh Boy / Let’s Play Some Ball!] (Rookie of the Year)
Hitting Coach: Jake Taylor (Major League)

Umpire Crew Chief

Frank Drebin [Who doesn’t want to see Leslie Nielson be an umpire making ridiculous calls and breakin’ it down to some Randy Newman ‘I Love L.A.’ ?? ] (Naked Gun)

Well there it is. Feel free to comment on any of my picks below. I will gladly defend my picks.

But for now….


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