Larry King & Billy Crystal Debate My Stan Musial Question

This isn’t going to be a very long post but I just wanted to brag about my question being used on Larry King Now

Here is a bit of Larry’s transcript of the Social Media Questions section during the interview…

“@dpalumbo … @dFpalumbo asks – It’s a good question, ‘Do you think Stan Musial would of been bigger than Dimaggio if he were a Yankee?’ Because Stan Musial was the best ballplayer I ever saw because I lived at Ebbets field.”


Here is the link to watch the interview in its entirety, (fast forward to 22:22 in the interview to get to my question.)

The debate between the two ensues. Billy Crystal being a well-documented Yankees fan and Larry King being a Brooklyn Dodgers fan they never truly gave an answer, but it was satisfying to know that they picked my question and that Larry paid me a compliment- not to mention he pronounced Palumbo correctly! (Although, I’m sure Brooklyn has its share of Palumbos.)

They do both agree that Stan’s 3,500 Total hits with 1,750 on the road and 1,750 at home is one of the greatest stats in baseball.

Just for your own purposes– Here are links to both Musial and Dimaggio’s lifetime stats.

(Musial Stats / Dimaggio Stats)


Stan “The Man” VS “Joltin” Joe

One thing that is certain, Musial was a great all around person. Just look at this quote below…

“Jan 21, 1960 – Stan Musial asks for‚ and receives‚ a pay cut from $100‚000 to $80‚000 a year. Musial says he was overpaid in 1957 and 1958‚ and his salary should be cut‚ based on his performance in 1959.”

Name another player that has ever given part of their salary back because they felt they underperformed.  No one will ever be like Stan. Sorry Albert.


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