Where’s Michael?

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog (or what some might call a page full of sporadic posts and thoughts..((although I guess that is technically what blogs are, right?))  )

Anyways, it was brought to my attention by my cousin Peter via Facebook, that Thursday is our cousin Michael’s birthday.  He would have been 30.  It seems all too strange using the conditional tense talking about him and not the present tense.

“Where’s Michael? We can’t take the picture without Michael.”

That Godfather quote, as this post is titled after,  will seldom be heard uttered by my cousin Joe at family gatherings anymore.   Not because it has lost its Italian comedic value, but because there simply is no more Michael to get a rise out of or a roll of his eyes whenever it is said as we cousins line up for a picture.

After looking over Michael’s facebook page and going through his photos, I decided that today, Wednesday September 7, 2011 that I would go and find a copy of the movie Rushmore which was one of Michael’s favorites.  I had never seen the movie before and always was told that the movie’s main character, Max Fischer, was a mirror image (both physically and mentally) of Michael.

After finally finding a copy after visiting three other stores, I got to watch it and see what everyone saw in the movie, its main character, and how much of a reflection of Michael it truly is.

I’m not too sure how to describe what it is like knowing that we will never have our usual conversations debating the usual topics of movies, Seinfeld, Always Sunny and the genius that is Larry David..or being able to just be a couple of flies on the wall at a family event and poking the fire whenever the scene needed to be spiced up a bit (or Joan needed a new reason to be yelling). I am trying as you read to think of what sort of hole or missing puzzle piece to liken it to, but no analogy can really translate the feeling into words.

Michael always told it like it is; for better or worse.  Not a lot of people do that. Max Fischer did that.  As I stared at his facebook page earlier, full well knowing that friends would be saying Happy Birthday Mike and sending their well wishes as a homage to him…I thought about writing happy birthday myself with a little note but I realized that wherever Michael is, he would most likely mock and laugh at me for actually writing on his facebook page full well knowing that I will never get a response from him and call me an idiot or something similar ha..those of you who knew him know he would… So I did what he would have done. Blog my thoughts since I had no one in the room to talk to.

I wish Michael would have adhered to the very quote which is in Rushmore and that he even included in one of his own last blog entries before he died (which i’ve reposted below).

“When one man, for whatever reason, has an opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.”

Michael had that opportunity.

We miss ya Mike.  It is now 1:00am on September 8, 2011…Happy 30th Birthday.

(One of Michael’s last blog entries in regards to Rushmore and Jacques Cousteau’s quote.)


this is it. this is way i’m here now. thank you jj causteau, and thank you wes anderson for digging it up, thank you max fischer for finding it buried in a book about oceanagraphy, thank you miss cross for donating it to rushmore academy, and, most importantly, thank you edward appleby, a friend of a friend. and thank you wes anderson/owen wilson for putting it in the most important movie of the 1990s: RUSHMORE.

whenever one man, for
whatever reason has the
opportunity to lead an extraordinary life
he has no right to keep
to himself.

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