Rebecca Black’s Protégé…

What it is everyone, and when i say everyone I mean all three people who look at this blog every other week…Today’s topic is the next up and coming Rebecca Black…

Her name is Jenna Rose and she is Ark Music Factory’s latest pop sensation!  You all remember just how intoxicating Rebecca Black’s song was,(like the smell of burning garbage) ..well Jenna takes the Ark Music Factory formula for a pop pre-teen hit to a whole new level with her single My Jeans ft. Baby Triggy.

Now, before you scroll down to watch what many are calling the next Britney Spears right before she committed career suicide in the Federline years, realize just how dehydrated Jenna got from the countless hours of crying and moaning to her parents she had to go through.  That’s a lot of hard work!  When it comes down to it the cinemotography is great and the production value is that of an Ace of Base video mixed with early Christina Aguilera…(basically crap, nothing against Ace of Base, they are the 90’s, but a music video with a band that consisted of two hot lead singers and two guys who didn’t play any instruments was going to be pretty awkward The Sign) What REALLY gets me about Ark Music Factory is their ability to take the same formula and churn out hit after hit after hit while in the process both giving their clients a false sense of achievement and draining their parents of their money and dignity…although the jury is still out about whether this is worse or the Olsen Twins mom throwing thsoe two into hollywood as babies..That seems to have worked out well


2 Rich White Parents (capitalization necessary for legal purposes)

1 Spoiled White Pre-teen Girl with delusions of grandeur

Entourage of said Spoiled Girls “Friends” (paid in full)

and let’s not forget that production value that even Spielberg would be jealous of if he wasn’t diving into his own personal bank of money like Scrooge McDuck….

Some notable scenes that both Rebecca and Jenna used to their advantages

Opening Scene: waking up and going downstairs (genius!)

Getting into a car with their “Friends” and driving away, despite being nowhere near 16…This sets a great example for kids..I know I was driving at 12.

and of course lest we forget the final BUT most crucial piece of this video recipe…

The Black Rapper who spits some verses in the middle of the song to make it seem legit. (ALSO paid in full,)

Go ahead take a look at Jenna’s “My Jeans” and tell me you don’t love it! ….and in the vain of Alanis Morissette, the song is a bit Ironic..don’t you think?? SHE NEVER IS WEARING ANY JEANS!!!


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