What is CAPTCHA!?

Have you ever been trying to get to a certain page on a website, or have been ordering or buying something online and came across the prompt that asks you to “type the words you see” in the image given?  You know what I’m talking about. Those stupid security checks that ensure that you indeed are not a super computer trying to hack into the mainframe of StubHub or steal pertinent information on the inner workings of L.L. Bean (yeah, I was on their site, they make a quality lined moccasin..).  I digress…besides being pointless in my opinion, these things have gotten way out of hand…

They began harmlessly, like any other thing would (see the first image)…Just a word with a line crossed through it or a word that is slightly warped…BUT it was readable…now they have ones that don’t even resemble any language, let alone english.

simple captcha

I recently had to book a flight online for a wedding that I am attending in June, and ran into one of these. Needless to say I couldn’t even begin to read whatever the word was that I was supposed to type out.  And judging by the options that now come with these security checks, it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who has trouble with this/thinks it is absurd…Theses options include: Getting a new security “word” to type and listening to an audio clip of the word.

Now…I can be a sarcastic guy, but humor me on this…full well knowing that whatever was on my screen was not a word, I clicked on the audio button to see what the computer would come up with…The computerized woman’s voice sounded like she was either possessed or vomiting..I couldn’t decide…

Needless to say I get frustrated with these every time I have to type them in because now they look like this…

WTF is that? Greek?

Who expects someone to figure this one out, let alone find the keys to type it out…

The only time I’ve ever seen a word like this is after falling asleep and hitting my face on my keyboard.

I would pay money to watch an older individual try this one on for size…

I urge you next time you have to type in one of these, take a second between squinting at your screen and typing in your answer and click the audio button…It will make you laugh listening to them try and tell you what the word is.

Nevertheless, I did some research on the subject on Wikipedia..the best place for online knowledge…



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