The Improv Trick!

L to R: Regan Gillan, Cheri Davidson, Dom Palumbo, Alice Stanley, and Nathan Engle

Those who know me, whether that length of time is from birth or a month, know that I love comedy and I love making people laugh.  If there was a Major in Comedy/Movie Quoting/or SNL I would have earned a degree in it many times over.  I have always loved acting and putting on a show whether it be with friends or on stage..

Unfortuantely for my comedy career, I played Baseball from grade school and into college, so I didn’t have the time for high school or college plays or anything of the sort….Now that I am graduated I have finally begun to take classes and perform with The Improv Trick here in St.Louis…For those who don’t know what Improv Comedy is, it is a definite artform that began here in St. Louis and then moved to Chicago where it has grown huge and was where many comedic actors and comedy writers got their starts….

Long story short.  I have been performing shortform improv, longform improv, and have been a part of a comedy writing team and performing our own sketches…I regret not getting into acting sooner in my life, but am addicted to it now…Currently I am a part of a Longform Improv Troupe named Easy Bake Oven and have written and performed in live sketch comedy shows and shortform improv shows…Due to my job that I started in April, my free time has become quite scarce, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly carrying a pocket notebook full of jokes and comedy ideas…Hopefully sooner than later, I can go study in Chicago or NYC, but until then I will continue to study and strengthen my Comedy skills at The Improv Trick…Check out their website!..


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